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Firefox Tip: Launch Your Searches

Geoff, my fellow GearFire blogger, had a question about whether it was possible to quickly search websites in a similar manner to how I launch my bookmarks. The answer is yes.

If you read my previous post on launching bookmarks, you’ll notice that Launchy also mentions the ability to index Firefox’s “quick searches.”

So what are quick searches? It’s Firefox’s way of letting you use a keyword to represent a website’s search box.

The process of setting up the keyword is explained on the Mozilla website.


After you’ve setup a keyword, you can use Launchy to load the search.

1) Press “Alt+Tab” (the default) to bring up the Launchy window
2) Type in the keyword
3) Press “Tab”
4) Type in what you want to search for
5) Press “Enter”

For example, if I wanted to search for a Dell 2007FP LCD monitor on eBay (my keyword for an eBay search is “eb”)

Happy (faster) searching!

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