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Productivity Links - 05/08/07

iTunes: Sort Songs by Skip Count - Next time you want to clean our your music library, try this tip.


Top 5 Ways to Creatively Achieve your Goal - Some valuable tips to help you succeed with your goals.


Google Fixes GReader Email Function - Glad to see they finally fixed this, it was a complete mess before.



The Definitive Geek's Guide to Pass Time at Work - A great guide to the most productive ways to waste time. Definitely great alternatives to playing games.  I found this in ProBlogger's Top 5 writing project, and just added the blog to my feed reader.


Where do I look for it? - how to never misplace your wallet/car keys/cell phone again. 


Use a Binder Clip to Secure Cables - a cool DIY way to stop those cables from falling off your desk. Doesn't work for me though, because my desk is too thick.

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2 Responses to “Productivity Links - 05/08/07”

  1. Lexi Sundell says:

    Thanks for including my Top Five in your post here!

  2. Ashwin says:

    Thanks a lot Geoff for the link and subscribing to my blog. :)