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Saturday Links - Oct 6 Edition

I’ve been toying with the idea of posting links here every saturday at Gearfire. At first I thought it was lazy, and it wouldn’t be enjoyable to read, so I tried to not do it as often. But I have realized that many blogs do link posts on weekends, and they are quite enjoyable as long as the content is relevant. So I am going to try to record all those cool links that didn’t quite get their own article to present to you at the end of the week, each saturday. Enjoy!

5 Quick and Easy Memory Tricks [Dumb Little Man] - Some sweet memory tips that will definitely help you in different situations. I have been meaning to try number two for a while, but I haven’t gotten around to it.

Reboot Your Brain with a Caffeine Nap [Lifehacker] - I don’t drink coffee, but this seems like an interesting idea. I’m curious though as to how people can feel instantly “woken up” when they drink their first cup of coffee, even if the caffeine takes 15min to kick in.

Americans are less happy with positive events than asians [PsyBlog] - an interesting study, and something that I have noticed in general here in North America. This is something I would definitely like to change.

How to Fit 10 People into a Single Hotel Room [HackCollege] - This simple and slightly uncomfortable technique can make staying at a hotel for the night cost 1/3 of the regular cost for 10 people.


Weeks of Hell: How to Get Through Them by Preparing Ahead [] - Studying can easily consume you, but keeping yourself in good condition will pay off, because you will feel strong the whole way through.

DIY: Noise Reduction Headphones for $20 [Lifehacker] - that is clever idea, but the problem is those cheap earphones are usually horrible quality. If you want to spend $35, go to K-mart and buy a pair of medium quality Koss headphones, and use those.

10 Easy Arithmetic Tricks [ListVerse] - must read for any student who is struggling with math.

Do you sign the back of your credit cards? [Lifehacker] - I agree with using photo ID. If you have ever read “Credit Card Hoax” you will know that they don’t always check the back of credit cards.

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2 Responses to “Saturday Links - Oct 6 Edition”

  1. Z.Z. Bachman says:

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  2. Chuck says:

    “I’m curious though as to how people can feel instantly “woken up” when they drink their first cup of coffee, even if the caffeine takes 15min to kick in.”

    It’s called classical conditioning. Think Pavlov’s dogs drinking a cup of joe.

    Before conditioning:
    Smell of coffee —-> Nothing
    Caffeine —-> Energy

    During conditioning:
    Smell of coffee + Caffeine —-> Energy

    After conditioning:
    Smell of coffee —-> Energy