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Productivity Links 5/19/07

Beginner's Guide to Running [Zen Habits] - Running is a hard activity to start. I have been a horrible runner for most of my life, but I have been training for the last couple months, and have improved drastically. If you are starting on your own, this guide will be useful for you.


Wakoopa: Social Networking by Software - I saw this featured on Lifehacker a couple weeks ago, and I just started using it myself. Basically, you install a little application that tracks your usage of other programs, and uploads it to your profile. You can then search and connect with other people who use the same software to relate and discuss ideas. Privacy could be an issue, and many people wouldn't trust having all their usage stats uploaded to the internet. Personally, I am not over-sensitive about that kind of thing, and this seems like a good idea.


29 Happiness Hacks [Scott Young] - A great list of useful ideas to pick yourself up when your feeling unmotivated or unproductive. My favorites are Exercise, and setting Goals. Great list Scott!



Nutrition All-star: Oatmeal [Small Bites] - I didn't know that oatmeal was this healthy before. I guess I should stock up!


Extra Handle added to Shovel (fun) - Curious to see this in action. Seems to be a nicer way to do yardwork.

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