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More Things to Do During Summer

Just a quick post from me today. After yesterday’s post about ideas for things to do during summer, I stumbled upon another two posts which I felt I had to recommend from Zen College Life, a great blog about the student experience in college. The two posts are called  How to Use Your Summer Vacation and More Great Things to do This Summer, both posts containing more ideas for things to do during summer.

Sorry to make yet another post on the topic, but there seems to be quite a few people out there looking for ideas on things to do during their summer this year, so I’m just trying to share as many ideas as possible.


Good luck to everyone, whatever their plans for summer may be, whether working, travelling or something else entirely. Please feel free to share your plans for summer in the comments section below.

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31 Responses to “More Things to Do During Summer”

  1. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Reading this makes me so sad, and wanting it to be summer so badly here in South Africa, its cold and winter, I am sitting here with a head cold and hating what one can do in their summer holiday its not fair, but any way enough of me moaning great post again, keep well

  3. All summer long, a song by Kid Rock, if only it could be all summer long, great post, enjoy coming here.

  4. steve says:

    Great Efforts

  5. I do’ve planning for a short vacation to Miami, hence i need to clean up my clinic from MOLD.

  6. Steven Lance says:

    during summer, me and my wife are always going to beach, we really love swimming and also eating ice cream. enjoy the summer :-)

  7. Seo83 says:

    I love to visit a hill station in summer, because the temp is really good in hill areas. Awaiting for that type of nice trip..

  8. used tires says:

    I love the summer time especially since I can work on my tan, the winter is no good though because I lose most of my tan because I have no access to the sun in the way I did in the summer.

    Till then,


  9. wow, this is really interesting stuff!

  10. used tires says:

    People underestimate the value of a good summer. Right after the first year, people will be excited to come back home, but they will quickly find it quite dull, and want to go back. Its true for me :P But these links offer some great ideas
    till then,

  11. Kolorowanki says:

    Definitely pick up some sport. There’s no better time to start biking or running than summer. Swimming is also a great option.

  12. Edward Hill says:

    During summer, I am looking for summer job to make more money :-)

  13. shenay says:

    Thanks for sharing this!

  14. I just arrived from my fortnight holidays. I enjoyed a lot in Goa with my family. Really a nice place to visit and looks like heavens falls there..

  15. You guys sound as though you are all having a great summer, but your holidays are slowly closing to and that means no more sleeping late and having lazy days.

  16. You should add cliff-diving. It’s totally great, especially if you’re looking for something different and fun. Or if you can’t do that where you’re at, biking and junk is great, too. Anything involving endorphins or adrenaline and all those wonderful things.

  17. One of the best things to do when it’s really hot is to go find a movie theater, preferably a double feature. You get a discount (even more if you have student ID) and the cranked up air conditioning will keep you from overheating during those long summer months. Sometimes the ushers will even let you stick around for another movie it’s not too busy. That’s what I like to do.

  18. My friends and i go for the picnic for a week in summer vacation. Thanks for information.

  19. Hey Carl, thanks for some more great ideas for summer.

  20. Mind Ruin says:

    Great resource, thanks for all the ideas. Summer can drag on without proper activities.

  21. I love the beaches of Florida, crazy about beaches like to hangout with family and friends at beach with sports…..

  22. I’m disappointed to see that summer has now come to an end. As the above poster has said, the beaches are the best hangouts during summer time!

  23. For Sale says:

    it made my day!. just a complete joy to experience. thanks so much.

  24. Jayvie says:

    another good things to do during summer is by mountain hiking with your friend, it is an exciting

  25. Hi,
    I am wordpress developer & after long time i will be on small vacation - surly i will try to do as per this post.. really good post..

  26. Hey! I liked the posts you have mentioned here. Definitely nice ways to spend your summers. Good luck to you too in spending your summers.

  27. beach clog says:

    Reading this makes me so happy!

  28. Another thing you can do is apply on a camp job website. They are always looking for college people to be counselors and teachers. I have always had a blast doing this, money isn’t bad and you don’t need to worry about room and board!

  29. Thanks for your post, I am planning to go on an vacation with my family for few days