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Sunday Links - Nov 25 Edition

Freezing food this holiday? Be sure to read up on this guide to freezing food.

Feeling unlucky lately? If you think you are suffering from a streak of back luck, read How to Crush your Losing Streak over at Dumb Little Man.

Pouncy emailed in and recommended iTunes Export, which lets you export your iTunes library file as a standard playlist file.

That College Kid tells us what not to do in a formal paper.
Lifehack talks about why it’s better to aim for an A in school than an A+.


Dumb Little Man says what we have been saying all along, that more screen equals more productivity.

Rebecca outlines the differences between High School Writing vs Scholarly Writing.

Frusterated that you can’t get WiFi on your laptop from upstairs? No worries, try this hack to double your WiFi strength.

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