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How to Save Flash Objects in Firefox

Have you ever wanted to download a piece of flash content to your hard drive for later use, when you may not be connected to the internet? You're probably thinking "Yes! I wanted to download that new internet game the other day!". A lot of the time, this tip is relevant mostly for downloading games, movies, or other fun content. Sometimes however, you really need to save an important flash presentation, or need access to the file. 


Unlike photos or music links, you can't just right-click "Save As…". There are many Firefox extensions that help you download swf objects, but they are complicated, and often malfunction, not to mention slow down your browser.Well great news; you can download swf objects from Firefox easily, without installing any annoying extensions. Here is how:


1. Find the page with the content you want to download. If you are on a site using frames, make sure you are in the right frame.

2. Right-click on blank area in the page. Do not click on the presentation, links, text, or images.

3. Choose "View Page Info". This will bring up a  slightly confusing box, with 5 tabs at the top.


4. Choose the "Media" tab. You will see a list at the top with all embedded content on the page. This includes images, audio, flash, etc. 

5. Scroll through the list until you find an "Embed" type file. When you find the game file, choose "Save As…" and save it to your hard drive.


If there is more than 1 embed file, then look at the URL, and the discription. Sometimes the page will have one or two flash banner advertisements. You can usually detect these from the URL of the object, often including, etc etc. If you cannot tell from the URL or the description of the object, then you can just download both, and test them out.


You will probably be tempted to jump to right after reading this, and downloading your favourite game. That is fine, but make sure you read tomorrow's article on internet games' effects on productivity. 

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4 Responses to “How to Save Flash Objects in Firefox”

  1. XD says:

    OMG thanks for da help, i looked for hours, and urs worked.


  2. Eza says:

    Thank you veryyy much!!! Since last year i’ve been trying to learn how to do this and finally i found it lol. :)

  3. surya says:

    really gud mannnnnnn

  4. This is a great article with many useful tips. I also have problems with Firefox, not only with flash object but with other things too. This will help me for sure.