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Productivity Links - the best from around the blogosphere

How to Clear Your Memory without Restarting - Not quite as effective as the real thing, but it has a noticable impact on computer sluggishness.

How Google Docs can save your life -Definitely one of the strongest advantages of Google Docs. Unfortunately, I can’t roll without offline access, so until it gets Google Gears support, I’ll be watching from MS Word.

10 Ways to Save a Lost Word .doc - a must for any student who does rely on Word, including me.

How to use VMware to Survive a Computer Crash -a good idea that will ensure you can survive your hard drive failing at a critical time, such as during exam periods. For those who do not keep regular full disk images, it is wise to have a single image that you can restore to for quick recovery.

100 Websites you should know and use - A good resource for computer beginners, great to give to your parents to get them more comfortable with the internet.


Declare a Productivity-free day - Cal highlights one of the biggest downfalls of living a life of complete productivity, and how to successfully get around it.

10 Smartest Ways to Live Beneath your Means - A set of practical tips that you can start right now to propel yourself towards a better financial state.

“Hacking” Sleep is Stupid! -It is nice for someone to come out in the open about this. I heard of “more productive” sleep, but I was really dubious. If this post is true, people should be warned that the whole mini-nap thing is a sham, and not only will it waste your time, but it could affect your health.

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3 Responses to “Productivity Links - the best from around the blogosphere”

  1. Thanks a lot for the link and mention :)

  2. Ed Kohler says:

    I bet Google Docs is getting pretty close to supporting offline editing. That will be pretty awesome.

  3. Great links! Especially the first one helped me with my problem. I eager to find out more about google docs but the link didn’t work. Anyway thanks for sharing!